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Today's travelers are looking for an Airbnb experience.  If you have purchased an investment property or have a vacation home you want to turn into a rental, then you need to consider both the business and design aspects of your space.  To become an Airbnb Super Host, you have to show that you are attuned to your renters needs and are providing them with something more than just a place to stay.  A unique marketing angle, design and photos play a huge role in continuous booking.  

Sharon Otto Interiors can help you accomplish that with a service that includes a write up of a unique marketing angle and a design for the whole space to complement it. This service can be be completed locally or virtually.  Along with my design focus, I am uniquely skilled to handle these types of projects with a background in entrepreneurship and business development, as well as being an avid traveler.


The Airbnb Branding & Design Online package pricing includes:

  1. Getting to Know You Interview
  2. Space Measurments
  3. Bi-weekly 30 Minute Virtual Meeetings or In-person if you are within 1 hour of Westfield NJ or have paid for travel expenses.
  4. Marketing Strategy (Including Branding)
  5. Customer Service Angle and Tips
  6. Holistic Design Vision Board
  7. 1, Customized Vision Board per Space
  8. 1, Functional Floor Plan per Space
  9. 2 Concept Development per Space
  10. Product Selection - Attention Given to Durability
  11. Shopping List
  12. Option to purchase shared pictures, if applicable.


This service is sometimes known as online interior design, virtual interior design, or eDesign.


*If you would like Sharon Otto Interiors to complete the purchase of goods and the installation of the project, please set up a meeting for a full-service Airbnb Design Plan."

Airbnb Branding & Design Online Package

  • This service does not include purchase or installation of products.


    The client and the designer may, if desired, share the cost of a professional photographer to take pictures for both brand's utilization after the project is completed.

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