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Are you reflected in your home?

Ladies, you are busy making things happen - building businesses, raising children, kicking ass at work, and the list goes on!   Let us take on the efforts of creating the home of your dreams!

You may have some ideas for your home, but it's not always easy to pull it all together in a way that makes sense for you and your family.   Let's not forget about how little time you have available!  Between your work, taking care of your family,  teaching your children and just trying to keep it all together, why take on the effort of trying to re-design your space when we can do it for you!  Let us help you create an interior that creates that comfort and positive energy you are looking for while working with professionals you can count on to put your interests and time first.

How can we help ?


Sharon Otto Interiors provides homeowners a boutique style interior design service by ensuring individualized attention, high level customer service, and excellent project management.  We help kick-ass women create a home that not only fits their needs, but that they also love to live in.

What makes us Qualified?


Sharon has over 20 years of corporate experience managing projects and communicating with stakeholders.  She holds advanced degrees in business and education, and a certification in Interior Design from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia.  Check out our reviews to see how others feel about working with Sharon Otto Interiors.

Our Services


The Narrative



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Branding & Interior Design Strategy

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Get advice, in-person or remote, about design topics such as color selection, staging for sale, floor planning, etc.


Custom Furniture Ordering


Have a stubborn corner, looking for something that you just can't find on retail sites?  Custom furnishing may be the perfect fit for you!





in a Day

A full-day experience focused on the customized design of your home, either in-person or remote.



Online Interior Design


Fully remote design experience that is great for the DIYer who wants to implement the design on their own.



Full Service Design


Hire us to design, manage, and execute your entire project with emphasis on a personalized customer experience.


Design Coaching

Est. Timeline: 1.5 Hours of Design Coaching (in-person or remote)

Ideal Client: Clients who are looking for general advice on interior an exterior projects.  

Outcome:  Clients will receive advice during the visit along with a PDF that captures the provided advice/information.

What might you use design coaching for?

  • Interior Paint/Color Selections

  • Exterior Design Suggestions

  • Accessory Selections

  • Staging for Sale Consultations

  • Updates for a Potential New Home

  • General Floor Plan/Design Updates

Group of Designers Brainstorming. Design

Custom Furniture Ordering

Est. Timeline: 1-2 Hour Meeting and a 4-6 Week Average Delivery Time

Ideal Client: Clients who want a designer's advice on and to purchase specific pieces of custom furniture for their home.

Outcome:  Clients will have custom furniture pieces delivered, white glove, to their homes. 

What might you use custom furniture ordering because:

  • You just can't find the piece you are imagining in you mind

  • You have an odd sized space that requires custom measurements

  • You want a one-of-a-kind piece that can't be found on a retail site

  • You want a designers advice on a unique piece of furniture

Fabric in Rolls

Design in a Day

Est. Timeline: 6 hour in-home or virtual experience, 2 hours of pre and post preparation.

Ideal Client: Client who loves design, finds it fun, and wants to be involved in the process of their project.

Outcome:  The client, after  day in their home with us, will have a clear plan on how to move forward on the area of focus during the Design in a Day package.  The client will receive a PDF with deliverables and strategies that were provided during the experience.

Level of Involvement: Clients are highly involved in the day of the design work and are then responsible for putting any of those items into action in their home.

What does Design in a Day look like?

  • Prior to our design date, we spend one hour discussing goals, inspiration and other information to ensure a focused day of design.

  • During the design date, we spend the day focused on whatever goals we set during our initial meeting.  It may be floor planning 2-3 rooms, it may be figuring out the right dimensions for furnishings, how to use color in a room, or many other activities.

  • The next day, you are sent a PDF that reviews all of the deliverables, selections, and strategies created during the design date.

Interior Design Objects

Online Interior Design (Per Room)

Est. Timeline: Estimated 5-6 Weeks

Ideal Client: Clients, from any location, that want the input of a designer, but would like to purchase items and execute the design on their own can use this service (sometimes known as eDesign or Virtual Design).

Outcome:  Clients will receive an entire package of design deliverables including a mood board, floor plan, inventory, dimension and investment list, 3D renderings, 2 concept boards, a shopping list, and execution instructions.

Level of Involvement: Client will need to assist in obtaining certain items, such as measurements and photos, to complete the online design, as well as attend remote meetings over Zoom.

Project Progression

Week 1:  We will work together to gather all needed items, as well as spend time identifying the client's style and needs within a space.

Week 2:  A mood board, one (1) floor plan and an inventory/measurement/budget list is created and shared with the client.  A meeting occurs to discuss the deliverables and the client can request a revision to the floor plan. This is the only revision provided to the floor plan.  

Week 3 & 4: Two (2) partial concept boards and 3D renderings are developed and shared with the client for selection.  This allows a direction to be established for all other product selections on the shopping list. A meeting occurs and the client can request a revision to the selected concept board. A concept is approved.

Week 5: Products are pulled and a shopping list is created and shared with the client, along with 3D renderings of the room, along with instruction on execution.

*The price point on this package varies based on room size*


Full Service Interior Design

Est. Timeline: Timelines vary by size of project and other variables.  A timeline will be provided with a customized proposal.

Ideal Client: Clients who are busy and want someone else to manage the entire process of both the design and installation process.  This package also is best for those approaching a renovation.

Outcome:  Clients will end this process with a completed room in which our team handles the design, vendor management, and installation of the project. 

Level of Involvement: Client will have minimal involvement, but will be included in all approval stages of the process via Zoom meetings.

Project Progression

Phase 1: Getting to Know You - During this time, we explore the client's style and needs in their home.

Phase 2: Design Development -A design is created and revised with many different deliverables provided for clarity on the design (specific deliverables are outlined in the custom quote).

Phase 3: Order Management -  Once the design and all associated products have been approved, our team manages all of the ordering and delivery. Deliveries may be stored at a receiver until install day.

Phase 4: Project Preparation  Project Planning is underway during this phase, identifying and hiring the appropriate vendors and ensuring all tasks that need to be completed during install are considered.

Phase 5: Installation - Depending on the scope of the project, the installation/completion of the work may take one day or months for a renovation. The specifics of your installation will be outlined in your scope of work.

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