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Why Hire an Interior Designer?
  • Your room will feel right.  Have you been in a space and something felt off or wrong? A professional helps you define your style, and ensures that the materials, pieces, and dimensions work together to create a beautiful, functional, unique space.

  • They are your visionary.  Some people really struggle to "see" how a space will come together.  This is a professional's expertise, and it's our job to help you see the work. 

  • You will avoid overspending, and costly mistakes.  A designer will not only help you properly budget your project, they will also ensure you don't waste money on materials, paint, or the wrong pieces - this ensures you get the most bang for your buck.

  • Get back what matters most - your time.  It can be overwhelming and exhausting to shop for the right pieces, comparing brands and prices, so why not let someone else take on that effort for you. 

  • Have access to unique solutions and ideas that you may not have thought to implement.  Two brains are always better than one when making big decisions, especially one related to your home.

  • Vendors, vendors, and more vendors.  Part of a professional's job is to research and know many vendor options.  They have access to vendors you may have never even considered.  After all, it's fun to have pieces that are unique.

  • Increase the value of your home.  Design done right will increase your home's value, and improve how your home shows when it's time to sell.

What's a good design investment?

It's probably safe to say that people decorate their homes with all kinds of investments in mind.  How far your investment goes depends partially on factors such as who is doing the work, if custom pieces are being used, quality of product, and what pieces are being kept just to name a few.  At an absolute minimum, you should expect to spend $5,000 just on design elements for a single room.  This does not include the price of the design services or any physical labor.  Some people can decorate a room with $5,000 and some with $50,000 - your design investment is yours to explore, but it's a good idea to start with a baseline and share that with your designer.  Sharing your desired investment with your designer allows him/her to help you set realistic expectations, focus his/her efforts appropriately when searching for products, and ensure the scope of the work is inline with your desired investment.

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