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Are you running your business with intention?

At the core of your business is YOU.  Discovering the most authentic version of yourself in order to run an intentional business that speaks to your purpose is always the priority of collaborative mentoring sessions with Sharon Otto.

Sharon has built her design business over the last 4 years and has 20 years of experience in corporate training and coaching.  She holds a Masters in Organizational Development, is tech-savvy, and is certified in MBTI (you know the extravert/introvert stuff!).


Sharon Otto

Sharon Otto Interiors

Hello Creatives!

Thanks for wanting to get to know more about me. Let me fill you in.

  • My core values: Live. Grow. Learn. Explore. Understand. Love. Connect. Create. Empower (and then do it all over again!)

  • I am a second career interior designer.  I got my certification in ID from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia.

  • Having a degree in Org Development basically means I have all of the tools needed to act like an integrative doctor overseeing the general health and wellness of your business. I spent 20 years in this industry working with attorneys, realtors and other professionals.

  • I am certified MBTI practitioner and have been working with this tool for 10+ years. In the MBTI world, I am an ENFJ.  An extroverted, intuitive, feeler. 

  • I can't wait to help you dive into your own MBTI preference indicator and understand how this impacts your business and your communications with others. If you like Strengths Explorer - my strengths are Strategy, Learning, Maximizer, Individualization and Relator.  I think the two play together for some deep insight!

  • Having the honor of growing up in the generation that had one foot in and one foot out of the technology world has given me tremendous understanding on how to utilize it for business efficiency. 

  • My professional career started as an IT (technology) educator, providing training and coaching on more software products than I can count, including website development and design standards.

  • I'm a GREAT listener, really.  I naturally care about you and your business.  Being your cheerleader while developing and maintaining a strategy is a role in which I take great pride.

  • Maybe by my own proclamation, but I consider myself the Queen of cutting through the noise to get to the most effective strategies for your business.

  • I am passionate about entrepreneurship and, especially, women in entrepreneurship!

  • Toastmasters graduate right here (okay, they don’t have graduates, but I was in it long enough to be one)!

  • I LOVE my family, design, all things home, travel, to try new restaurants, to listen to podcasts, going for walks, being in nature, and connecting with others.


What can mentoring do for you?

Mentoring sessions are personalized to meet your specific business needs.  However, I might make sure you have your foundations covered, so that we can dive into the deep stuff.  Here are some things you might find helpful in mentoring with me:

  • Introvert/Extrovert? Who Cares? You should!  Learn more about yourself, your communication style, stress management, how you show up in your business and how you connect with clients using MBTI.

  • Stories elicit emotion and connection.  Once we understand more about you, let’s build the story of your business.

  • Bachelors, Babies, or Boho? Discover a niche and branding strategy that aligns with your authentic self and naturally attracts your ideal client.

  • eDesign.  You may have heard of it.  You may have dabbled in it.  Now it's time to create a model of utilizing this important technical strategy in your home-based or traditional business structure.

  • Do what?  When? How? Create streamlined business systems that align with your long-term growth strategy.

  • Wait, you said what? Communication can be a real PIA! Let me help you figure out where you are excelling and where you might be falling short.

  • A little light on the follow through? We work together to create inspired action plans that move you and your business in the right direction while holding you accountable.

  • I just wish I had someone to talk to!  Yes, being a "solopreneur" can be lonely.  I can be a sounding board and active participant in brainstorming for your business. 

  • This is too much change - can I go hide under a rock? Sure, but instead, let me help you navigate adapting to a changing dynamic that is impacting you and your business.



"I have known Sharon for more than 10 years.  Recently, I ventured into acquiring a new business, a spa, and as any business it came with many challenges. I immediately reached out to Sharon again, as she has always been a beacon of hope and taught me to see things in a different perspective. She is subtle, yet impactful, especially as she always stresses to look beyond what we see all the time."

-Gowri Deenadayalan

Partner, Glow Boutique Spa (PA)

"Sharon has great expertise in helping individuals hone in on their niche and find their creative passion. Her patience and professionalism in assisting new businesses to generate revenue, as well as finding the right clients to grow business, is stellar. I highly recommend her coaching services, you will not be disappointed."

-Ramya Ramachandran (TX)

Founder & CEO of Food-E-Scape

"Two years ago, I was looking to change careers, going from working corporate to becoming a real estate agent.  It was a very difficult decision, with a lot of uncertainties. During this time, Sharon helped me to stay focused. Every time I started to doubt myself, she reminded me about my competencies. She has a desire to help others succeed.  Her experience in coaching, along with her personality makes her the ideal professional coach.  Sharon’s advice and positivity are inspiring. "

- Alexandra Stanziani (PA)

Realtor at Keller Williams, The Loughlin Group