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10 Tips for your Airbnb in a COVID World

Are you an Airbnb host wondering if, and how, you should move forward in a world of COVID?

Travel in the US is expected to continue as people seek to get out of their homes and participate in more road trips, which means more local stays. For those local travelers who may be more risk averse, staying in an individual home that is private and does not force them to interact with others will generally create a less stressful experience than staying in a hotel.

If you do find that your Airbnb has some down time, use it to improve your space – a well designed Airbnb can increase revenue by up to 20%.

An Airbnb concept designed by Sharon Otto Interiors.

Click here for a full 360 degree view.

Here are 10 tips for improving your Airbnb in a COVID world:

1. Ensure you have contact free check-in and check-out. Switch to using either keypad entries or lock boxes. Communicate the procedures to your guests clearly before they arrive.

2. Place hand sanitizer and tissues near the front entrance so that they can be used prior to and/or immediately upon entry.

3. Add a high-quality air purifier to your space to improve air quality and overall breathing. At home, we use the Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier. It is good for about 390 SF of space and helps to eliminate dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and viruses.**

4. Frequently clean your fabric-based items (curtains, pillows, sofas, bedding, etc.). Check the cleaning codes on your items to understand the best way to take care of them. Click here to access a list of cleaning codes provided by Fabricut.

5. Purchase quality, durable furnishings with fabrics that are easy to clean. For example, buy or custom order pillows, sofas, ottomans, etc. with outdoor/indoor fabrics from companies like Sunbrella (fade resistant and easy to clean) or use leathers which are easy to wipe down. Often, these items can have a greater upfront investment, but they will last longer without the need for frequent replacement. Here are some great indoor/outdoor pillows**

6. Consider switching to bamboo bedding. Bamboo is an organic material that is lightweight, hypoallergenic, durable and antibacterial. Additionally, since it does not absorb body oils, it will not discolor over time. In general, you will pay more for this super soft bedding, but the upfront investment will improve guest experience and the sheets will need to be replaced less often. It is also an eco-friendly option! If interested, take a look at these bamboo sheets.**

7. Copper is known to naturally eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from its surface in a two-hour time window. This amazing material has been tested and shown to be efficient even on E. coli. Consider updating some of your faucets, handles, and cookware to copper - check out this copper kitchen faucet as an example. **

8. Create a “decontamination zone” if possible - this is a space that people can use to drop off their coats, clothing, and groceries as soon as they walk in the door.

9. Have cleaning supplies available in the property for the guest to manage their own experience – Clorox wipes, microfiber cloths, etc.

10. If possible, enhance your outdoor entertaining spaces. If folks are traveling, they will probably stay put and enjoy the experience of being somewhere new and taking in the views. Make sure your outdoor spaces are full of plants and maybe add in some backyard games! It should feel like an experience on to itself!

An Airbnb outdoor concept designed by Sharon Otto Interiors.

Be sure to communicate with your potential clients about the safety measures you are taking to ensure their health and wellness is top priority. This can be done using your online descriptions on the Airbnb platform and other social marketing tools.

Finally, Airbnb is enacting its own suggested COVID rules with a new cleaning protocol as well as offering a set of cleaning guidelines that will help ensure that you, your vendors, and your guests stay healthy! Airbnb has been excellent at providing not only resources to its hosts, but the employees even came together to create a super host relief fund to help those airbnb hosts who may be struggling through the COVID pandemic.

Sharon Otto Interiors helps Airbnb owners to increase revenue and delight guests through design services specifically related to building an Airbnb branding and interior design strategy that will ultimately increase your passive income. Book a discovery call or check out our Airbnb Properties Services page to find out how we might work together!

**This page does contain affiliate links to some products that we think you might appreciate!**

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