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Bring the Outdoors Inside with a Garden Room

Updated: May 17, 2020

Looking for a way to escape from your day-to-day while still staying home? Me too. Through quarantine, I've returned to some of my favorite escapist movies - for me those are the ones with magic and fantasy. Some of my favorites include Back to the Future, The Goonies, Splash, The NeverEnding Story, Labyrinth, and Gremlins (am I dating myself?). It got me thinking about others ways to use "magic" in our every day, which led me to garden rooms.

Since we are utilizing our homes more and escaping to the outdoors to nurture ourselves, I think it has left us wondering how we might bring more of the outdoors (and maybe a little escaping) in to the home. Garden rooms are like secret, magical rooms where we can slip away to imagine, meditate, create, read, or dine together.

This is a photo-realistic 3D rendering of a Garden Room designed by Sharon Otto Interiors

Layering, whether it be plants or materials, is also an important part of adding that "magical" feeling to garden rooms. Important ingredients for a garden room include:

  • Plenty of windows and/or light,

  • Some cool lighting,

  • Colorful plant pots and vases;

  • and of course, plants and flowers!

Where do you create a garden room in your house? Any space that allows you to feel connected to the outdoors, but here are a few ideas:

  • An interior room with lots of light

  • A screened-in or covered porch

  • A custom-shed

  • A greenroom

Our hunch here at Sharon Otto Interiors is that you'll see more garden-style rooms not just at home, but also at restaurants with outdoor space. I imagine they will use these personalized garden rooms to keep social distancing measures while still creating a unique experience for diners.

This outdoor space designed by Sharon Otto Interiors is meant to serve as a place to work during the day and a place to gather family at night. If you want to create something similar, check out the shopping list below the images.

This is a photo-realistic 3D rendering of a Garden Room designed by Sharon Otto Interiors

Want to create a similar luxury escape? You can shop some of the look here. *Click on any image on this shopping list to purchase.

*This page contains affiliate links to products that we love & think you’ll love, too!

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1 Comment

suzi rugg
suzi rugg
May 17, 2020

Beautiful ideas for a garden room!

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