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Steel My Heart: A Color Study

Bethlehem Steel, once a thriving center of steel production starting in the 19th century, now serves as the deserted and hauntingly beautiful backdrop of a newly renovated arts and entertainment area known as the SteelStacks. Bethlehem Steel was well known for providing the steel for such iconic landmarks as The Golden Gate Bridge and the Chrysler Building. We recently had a family outing to the SteelStacks. The result was pure inspiration.

I was in love with the colors and industrial elements that this old center of production inspired. I wanted to find a color scheme that pulled some of the best colors from the photos. The color scheme, found with the assistance of Benjamin Moore's Color App, includes Citrus Blossom, Galaxy, Burnt Caramel, High Park, and James River Gray.

I started thinking about some of the design elements that could work with this scheme. Below are a few fabrics and pendants that caught my eye, as well as a wallpaper that I am loving. The wallpaper is by Phillip Jeffries and literally looks like the rusting materials found at the SteelStacks. Both pendants have an industrial flair, with the Earthshine Pendant being more traditional and the Panorama Pendant, made with green glass, being a bit more elegant. The Beyond Color fabric reminds me of the steam as it once rose from the stacks while in operation. The other fabric colors all pull from the color scheme and could be combined in many ways to make an inviting and interesting space. Please contact me if you are interested in creating this type of space or purchasing any of these items. Happy decorating!

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