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2019 Color Scheme Inspiration

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Entry by Sharon Otto Interiors

Each new year brings a time of reflection and change. When's the last time you changed your home? You spend so much of your time in the house, so it is important to ensure the changes that are happening within you are also being reflected in your home.

Many people love color, but when it comes to having to use a color scheme in their home, they become paralyzed with fear and worried about the way it may look. As a result, the colorful home is often never realized. The fear is not completely unwarranted. Just painting your walls a bunch of different colors and calling it done, won't do the trick. That may leave you feeling potentially unsatisfied and, when it's time to sell, the potential buyers only thinking about the changes they will need to make. The truth is, though, that any color can be used in a house as long as it is done tastefully. So, how is a color scheme done tastefully? Well, the first tip I would give you is to hire a designer - but I guess you might expect that :-) However, if you want to give it a go on your own, I have some resources to share for thinking about color schemes and how you can apply them to your home.

  • You already know Pinterest is an amazing place to not only get some ideas for color schemes, but also to explore how they are being utilized in homes. House Beautiful and Traditional Home are some of my favorites for expressing colorful, tasteful interior rooms. I've also compiled a Pinterest board of over 100 different color schemes for you to view!

Better Homes and Garden (BHG) provides a curated collection of articles and slideshows on many topics, one of which is picking color schemes. A solid tip from one of the articles is to use an area rug as an inspiration for a color scheme.

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