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Use Design to Make your Airbnb Rental a Profitable Business

House overlooking ocean
Photo by Andrii Podilnyk on Unsplash

The story of Airbnb is an interesting one. Its growth has been impressive. Not only a site to find a place to stay, you can now search for experiences and even hire photographers to take photos while you are traveling. It has become a real competitor in the hospitality industry. As a matter of fact, The Wall Street Journal just released a story that the Marriott brand is now aiming to take on Airbnb with “…accommodations in about 2,000 high-end homes throughout 100 markets across the U.S., Europe and Latin America” that are available on their own hosted site. These luxury homes are equivalent to Airbnb’s Plus program, a selection of homes verified for quality and design.

The homes in Airbnb’s Plus program get 7x more listing views and 70% (yes, 70%!) more booked nights.

As an avid traveler, I know I am picky about where I stay. I also know that people love a unique experience and will pay for it. We are all used to the average bedroom we stay in at home, why not make our travel experience something special!! How do you make your rental stand out, get yourself into the Plus program, and take it from hobby to profitable business? Before you can even qualify for Plus, you must rate as a superhost. Additionally, you must be, according to Airbnb, well-reviewed (4.8 or higher), no cancellations for a year, a home with one-of-a-kind design that adds character, is well-equipped with essential amenities, and is well maintained.

As a designer I can help you attain that one-of-a-kind design that adds character. Additionally, having a degree in Organizational Development and having a love for travel, I can help you begin to look at your Airbnb rental as a business. We will develop a unique marketing angle for your property and decorate it accordingly to create a memorable customer experience. You can also expect to receive tips for helping you become a superhost. Check out my Airbnb Branding & Design service to start getting higher bookings and turn your vacation rental into a profitable business.

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